The Howard Hinton Collection, in the sheer breadth of its cover of Australian art from the 1880s to the 1940s, is the only collection of its kind in regional Australia.

Howard Hinton, an avid collector and patron of the arts, developed his collection for the purpose of encouraging artists, educating students, and for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.  He donated over 1000 artworks to the Armidale Teacher’s College between 1929 and 1948. The collection was openly displayed throughout the Teachers’ College until 1974 when it was handed over to the Armidale City Council. By 1978 the New England Regional Art Museum Association was formed and funds for the construction of the museum building were raised. Since 1983 the Howard Hinton Collection has been held by the New England Regional Art Museum.

The collection includes some of the most significant artist from early 20th century art in Australia including Arthur Streeton, Margaret Preston, Elioth Gruner, Tom Roberts, Adrian Feint, Norman Lindsay and Nora Heysen. HINTON: Treasures of Australian Art displays 132 works selected from the Howard Hinton Collection and provides an overview of Hinton’s aesthetic sensibility, and the quantity and quality of his collection.