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Violet McInnes (1892-1971)
White Camellias 1945
oil on board
53.4 x 48.5 cm
Gift of Howard Hinton 1947


Violet M. McInnes studied at the National Gallery School in Melbourne. She is known as a flower painter, though she also painted landscapes and large-scale figures. In 1915 she married the artist and Archibald Prize winner, William Beckwith (W.B.) McInnes. Despite having six children, Violet was a prolific artist and held many successful exhibitions, in particular at the Seddon Galleries in Melbourne. She was an Archibald Prize finalist eight times from 1937-51. Her flower pictures continue to be popular with collectors.

This was the last donated work to be catalogued in the Armidale Teachers' College collection prior to Hinton's death, meaning it was one of the last works he personally sent to Armidale. After this date, the college received the remaining dozen or so works Hinton had kept in his room and bequested to Armidale. .

There are two Violet McInnes works in the Hinton Collection. 'White Camellias' has a flat matt surface. A brown earthenware pot holds a tall arrangement of beautiful white camellias. The yellow centres of flowers stand out, and the dark leaves contrast starkly with the bright petals. A single green leaf has fallen onto the table on the right. A few buds remain unopened.