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A.H. Fullwood (1863-1930)
Sydney Harbour Ferry 1893
oil on wood
27.3 x 14.9 cm
Gift of Howard Hinton 1943


Born 1863, Birmingham, England. Died 1930, Sydney.

This vertically-oriented seascape makes a feature of the ferry rather than the landscape in which it sits. The land mass on the horizon cuts the picture in half. The full moon is partly obscured by the dark smoke from the ferry's stack, but the moon's reflection zigzags from the boat towards the viewer. There's an overall dark yellow and dusty red tinge as night falls on this scene. Passengers are silhouetted and the ferry windows are dimly lit. There are tiny pin points of light from two boats in the distance and house lights on the shore.

On completing art studies at the Birmingham Institute, Albert Henry Fullwood migrated to Australia in 1883. He worked as an illustrator for many publications and travelled extensively throughout Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand. For a time he lived with friends Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts at their camp at Sirius Cove. In 1900 he visited London, New York and France showing his work in Academy and Salon exhibitions. In 1918 he travelled to the Western Front as an official war artist and painted many scenes for the Australian War Memorial.