Garrett Kingsley (1915-1982)
Rita 1942
oil on board
60.7 x 50.8 cm
Gift of Howard Hinton 1943


Born 1915, Sydney. Died 1982.

Garrett Kingsley studied at the Julian Ashton School, Sydney, and the East Sydney Technical College. He is known for his portraits, he was a regular contributor to the Archibald competitions from 1936 until 1968. He was a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW and a member of the Australian Art Society.

This portrait titled, simply Rita, depicts a dark-haired lady in a V-neck dress. She is turned away from the viewer with her eyes cast down in contemplation. Her dress, headband and lipstick are all painted in a russet tone, contrasting with her blue stud earring. The artist has used the reverse side of the board, which is visible in parts in the background, to increase the painting's texture. This is one of two Kingsley works Howard Hinton donated to the Armidale Teachers' College in 1943. The other work, titled Eighteen appears to be of the same sitter. They were hung in the library of the College.