W. Hughes (1842-1901)
Fruit 1865
oil on board
34 x 44 cm
Gift of Howard Hinton 1939


Born 1816, Bath, England. Died 1863, London.

William Duffield showed an early talent for drawing and was apprenticed to the engraver George Doo. Later he studied with George Lance at the Royal Academy in London. On completion of his study he worked in Antwerp with Baron Wappers, a painter in the nature morte tradition. In the 1840s he returned to Bath and married Mary Ann Rosenberg, who was also a still life artist. They worked together for the next thirteen years until William died.

The flatly painted surface of this work Fruit, is in contrast to the very realistic texture portrayed in the image—the fuzz of the peach skin, the glossy white and black grapes hanging over the edge of the basket, the crunchiness of the shrivelled autumn leaves, twigs on the plums and the coarsely woven and unravelling mat.